Business Development Specialist

chisung 0 17 2018.06.14 09:08
Department Healthcare

Language Korean and English

Salary $35k - $40k

Location Norcross, GA

Contact Name Chisung Lee


Phone (706) 590-8574

Business Development Specialist
The Business Development Specialist demonstrates the versatility of skills in a wide range of areas including digital infrastructure development, sales and operation, client management, maintenance of the office, Human Resources, and more. Business Development Specialist is in charge of creating effective business plans to generate more revenue, increase brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction. Business Development Specialist must demonstrate a sense of urgency and strong problem-solving skills.

• Promotes the mission and vision of the company
• Increase sales volume of Joynus Care and achieve revenue goal
• Identify and strategies target market by data mining demographic data geographically
• Participate in community education and referral source relationship building.
• Handle prospective client social services activities and convert them to be clients
• Launch and develop the marketing campaign and create awareness.
• Increase efficiency of operation with use of technology and reduce labor cost
• Direct and assist with government agency contracting
• Streamline efficiency in overall operation by troubleshooting errors and fixing redundancy
• Develop and implement ongoing recruitment and retention program.
• Recruit new talents
• Assist with overall compliance with all necessary standards and regulatory requirements on timely basis
• Act as a CRM admin and assist members of Joynus Care see its full effect and ensure implementation.
• Act as a project specialist for all new projects of Joynus Care.
• Develop new resources for candidate sourcing and searching
• Partnership and supplier negotiation and contract agreement

Character Requirement
• Goal oriented
• Open and honest
• Confident and competent
• Possesses sense of urgency
• Organized and scheduled

• Bachelor’s degree
• Must be Tech-savvy
• Fluency in English and Korean
• High fluency in internet navigation and search
• Minimum 1 year of professional experience in Search Engine Optimization

• Social Services degree or equivalent experience
• Strong web navigation and search
• Basic knowledge of HTML
• Fluency in language other than English and Korean
• Basic knowledge of website development and coding